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The zombies are coming… back.

Meet, greet and defeat legions of zombies from the dawn of time to the end of days. Amass an army of powerful plants, supercharge them with Plant Food and discover amazing and advanced ways to protect your brain. The Protagonist Crazy Dave wants to eat the Taco again by going in Penny his trustworthy assistant. The Lead Antagonist Dr. Zomboss has his massive waves of zombies from well known Time Periods with crazy abilities and his Zombots. In this second game you will get to see new and returning plants.


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  • Player House:
    • Peashooter^
    • Sunflower^
    • Potato Mine^
    • Wall-nut^
  • Ancient Egypt:
    • Bloomerang
    • Cabbage-pult^
    • Iceberg Lettuce
    • Grave Buster*
    • Twin Sunflower^
    • Bonk Choy
    • Repeater^
  • Pirate Seas:
    • Kernel-pult^
    • Snapdragon
    • Spikeweed^
    • Coconut Cannon
    • Cherry Bomb^
    • Spring Bean
    • Spikerock^
    • Threepeater^
  • Wild West:
    • Split Pea^
    • Chili Bean
    • Lightning Reed
    • Tall-Nut^
    • Pea Pod
    • Melon-pult^
    • Winter Melon^
  • Far Future:
    • Laser Bean
    • Blover^
    • Citron
    • E.M.Peach
    • Infi-nut
    • Magnifying Grass
    • Tile Turnip
  • Dark Ages:
    • Sun-shroom^
    • Puff-shroom^
    • Fume-shroom^
    • Sun Bean
    • Magnet-shroom^
  • Big Wave Beach
    • Lily Pad^
    • Tangled Kelp^
    • Bowling Bulb
    • Guacodile
    • Banana Launcher
  • Frostbite Caves:
    • Hot Potato
    • Pepper-pult
    • Chard Guard
    • Stunion
    • Rotobaga
  • Lost City:
    • Red Stinger
    • A.K.E.E.
    • Endurain
    • Stallia
    • Gold Leaf
  • Neon Mixtape Tour:
    • Phat Beet
    • Celery Stalker
    • Thyme Warp
    • Spore-shroom
    • Garlic^
    • Intensive Carrot
  • Premium plants:
    • Power Lily*
    • Snow Pea^*
    • Squash^*
    • Torchwood^*
    • Jalapeno^*
    • Imitater^*
    • Starfruit^*
    • Hypno-shroom^*
    • Pea-nut*
    • Ghost Pepper'~
    • Sweet Potato'~
    • Sap-fling'*
    • Hurrikale~
    • Dandelion'~
    • Lava Guava~
    • Toadstool*
    • Strawburst'*
    • Cactus^*
    • Electric Blueberry*
    • Jack O' Lantern*
    • Grapeshot"*
  • Others:
    • Marigold†
    • Flower Pot†
    • Gatling Pea (Peashooters Plant Food ability)
    • Pumpkin (found in Lawn of Doom Pinata Parties)


A plant marked with ^ is a returning plant. A plant marked with " is a confirmed but upcoming plant. A plant marked with * is a money premium plant. A plant marked with ~ is a gem premium plant. A plant marked with ' is no longer available for purchase. A plant marked with † is only found in the Zen Garden.


Zombies Note Strategies Picture
Basic Zombie
Basic Zombie2
Conehead Zombie Harder than Regular
Buckethead Zombie Harder than Conehead.
Buckethead ZombiePVZ2
Flag Zombie A Zombie that comes with a huge wave
Flag ZombiePVZ2
Imp A little Zombie thrown by Gargantuar Place Spikeweeds on the third column.
Gargantuar and Vase Gargantuar*^ A large Zombie that kills plants in one hit. This Zombie is extremely dangerous. Use instant explosive plants.
Mummy Zombie See Browncoat Zombie
Mummy Zombie2
Conehead Mummy See Conehead Zombie
Conehead Mummy2
Buckethead Mummy See Buckethead Zombie
Buckethead Mummy2
Flag Mummy Zombie See Flag Zombie
Flag Mummy Zombie2
Ra Zombie Steals Suns. Take the suns before he steals them!
Ra Zombie2
Camel Zombie Arrives in a group of three zombies or more. Freezing one with Iceberg Lettuce will stop all.
Camel Zombies2
Explorer Zombie Burns Plants in contact Use an Ice plant to extinguish his flame.
Explorer Zombie2
Tomb-Raiser Zombie Creates tombstones Use Grave Buster to eat the graves.
Tomb Raiser Zombie2
Pharaoh Zombie One free from sarcophagus it will speed. Slow it down with Winter Melons
Pharaoh Zombie2
Mummified Gargantuar*^ Dressed-Up See Gargantuar.

Receive World Key

Mummified Gargantuar2
Imp Mummy Dressed-Up. See Imp See Imp
Imp Mummy2
Zombot Sphinx-inator* First Zomboss, Undying and shots missiles that kills plants and Creates graves. If this boss uses it rush attack stop it with a plant that uses a Plant food Attack.
Zombot Sphinx-inator2


*= Boss

^=Minor Boss